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What is Legendum

Legendum is a HUD based gridwide Action Roleplay & Combat System within Second Life platform sharing fantasy, magic and darkness between humans, elves, fairies, orcs, goblins, dragoons, vampires and many other species.

You have a set of skills to work on and progress in level, you can gather resources, farm, craft, woodcut, mine, fish, cook, fight using magic spells or weapons crafted by yourself or a craftmaster, complete quests, capture lands and defend them in a siege game mode, etc

how to play

Using your HUD you might unlock and learn new skills and spells attending school available within different villages around the grid, complete quests and receive rewards, Roleplay with other players, join a guild or create your own and be part of a strong community.

Join the community

Join our discord server to stay connected with the community and make friends, check game news and updates, post suggestions and many more.